What I do

Written by Warpenweft

Working with content

It’s my bread and butter I suppose. Be it diving into collections, science or history, or talking to curators and scientists, it’s all very rewarding and I have lots of experience. I like to think I’ve developed skills to get the most out of the resources at hand, even from the most awkward of scientist, unorganised archive or enthusiastic curator. I’ll bundle all I gather up into usable material and plans for your project.


Whether it’s a small exhibit update, or plans for an entire museum you’re after, I can help. Creating hierarchies of content, audience segmenting, developing outcomes and objectives,  it’s all fundamental to building a great experience. I write and edit gallery text too, develop storyboards for AV and digital interactives, even project manage design if that’s what you’re after.

Being creative

Thinking laterally,  being bold and joining clients up with amazing producers, designers, makers and developers can rescue a stalling project or make an exhibition fly. Of course, seeing my projects being used is great, but the creative process of getting to that point really excites me, and something I can help facilitate.

Not just museums and attractions

I’ve developed engagement, content and design strategies for apps, web and print media, which aren’t linked to museums or attractions. It turns out the process is pretty universal, so if you’re not from the cultural sector – don’t hesitate to give me a holler.