Past Projects

Written by Warpenweft
Exhibitions: Science

Exhibitions: Science

From stories of humble beginnings to cutting edge contemporary concepts, I have devised, written and developed some inspiring science galleries.

Using clear text, engaging graphics and interesting objects can bring complex science to life. I've been fortunate to work with brilliant collections and teams to deliver some pretty complex ideas, whilst maintaining a great experience for the visitor.

  • Space Museum / Content lead / Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait / Cultural Innovations
  • Planetarium / Content and production review/ SAASCC / Cultural Innovations
  • Robotics Gallery / Innovation Gallery / Hands-on-science gallery / Content lead / SAASCC / Cultural Innovations
  • Summer Festival / Creative commissioning support / RBG Kew / Outside Studios
  • Science Garden / Content and exhibit development / ThinkTank / Outside Studios
  • Plasticity / Content development / Science Museum /

Exhibitions: Heritage

Exhibitions: Heritage

Working with curators, archivists and designers to create awesome experiences.

Making sense of content, stories or collections and then translating that into something museum designers can work with is an essential part of my work, and has resulted in some pretty awesome experiences - for everyone!

  • Interpretive Planning / The Alamo, TX, USA / Cultural Innovations
  • Solo Gallery / Head of Content / Roald Dahl Museum and Story Center / Outside Studios
  • Jewel Tower / Content Lead / English Heritage / Outside Studios
  • WW1 Centenary / Content Research/ Dunham Massey / National Trust / Outside Studios
  • Heartlands WHS / Content Development / Outside Studios
  • Visitor Center / Content Development / Westonbirt Arboretum / Outside Studios
  • Jimi Hendrix Flat / Material and Object Research / English Heritage / Outside Studios

Exhibitions: Zoological

Exhibitions: Zoological

Zoos are like museums, just with objects that eat, sleep and well, you know... In my years at London Zoo I was fortunate enough to manage teams who created award winning exhibits, I even produced a few of them myself.

When the objects are so enigmatic it's challenging to weave in stories of contemporary science and conservation, so one has to get creative. Knowing the audience and when to use the right tool is key.

Design and Interpretation Manager, London Zoo
  • Land of Lions
  • In with the Spiders
  • Butterfly House

London Zoo (content reserach, writing, commissioning and delivery)
  • Animal Adventure
  • Rainforest Life
  • Penguin Beach
  • Climate Change Exhibition

Digital and AV

Digital and AV

I've delivered many different forms of digital experiences across various media. Films, games and immersive experiences can tap into a visitor’s imagination like no other device in a gallery.

Although I have delivered digital experiences from concept to completion, I really enjoy the early stages; working up storyboards and researching fascinating topics. Getting that part right can not only engage the client, but also developers and producers, who then do their creative thing. I've done this not just in galleries, but for apps and web based content too.

  • On-gallery interactives (contemporary and hands-on science) / Concept, content development and on-going review for user and content experience / Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait / Cultural Innovations
  • Earth Observation App / Content strategy / The Guardian & European Space Agency
  • The Stable Yard / AV storyboards and research Dunham Massey / National Trust / Outside Studios
  • Solo Gallery / Content research, storyboards (games and films), editing / Roald Dahl Museum and Story Center / Outside Studios
  • Plasticity / Content development for game and interactive / Science Museum
  • Various contemporary science and heritage digital products / Research, content, commissioning and management / Zoological Society London
  • The Jewel Tower / Soundscape storyboards and research / English Heritage / Outside studios
  • Duhnam Massey / Environmental AV / Research and storyboards / National Trust / Outside Studios

Museum & Attractions: Planning and Management

Museum & Attractions: Planning and Management

Working on ideas for new galleries, or even museums is a rare, challenging but incredible experience. I've had experience of getting new museums and galleries off of the page and into reality, working with planners, designers and curators who have pushed the boundaries of what new museums are.

  • Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait / Gallery-wide content and exhibit planning across four museums and galleries / Cultural Innovations
  • Various exhibitions / New major exhibition planning and delivery management / ZSL / Design and Interpretation Manager
  • Live interpretation / Managing live interpretation team / ZSL / Design and Interpretation Manager
  • Site-wide interpretation / Project management and content editing / RBG Kew
  • Biota / New major aquarium Interpretation planning / ZSL
  • Snowdon Aviary / Wellcome funding bid / ZSL
  • Epping Museum Extension / Museum planning, collection review and funding application / Epping Forest Museum / Outside Studios
Art Installations

Art Installations

Artists have a way of getting to the (sometimes uncomfortable) heart of stories. I have worked with some very talented illustrators, sculptors, installation artists

  • David Nash at Kew / RGB Kew / Outside Studios
  • Tim Hunkin / Animal Adventure Entrance / ZSL
  • Invisible Dust / Welcome funding and co-ordination /ZSL
  • Bruce Munro / Twilight Staircase / ZSL
  • Recycled Sculpture Show / Various artists / ZSL

Print and Design

Print and Design

Design is an integral part of the types of communication I specialise in. Designers and interpreters should work hand in hand, as equals. In that, I like to think I add something different to others in my field.

It's also handy that I've managed design teams and advised on brand and communication campaigns. So I can talk and lead designers too. Their common language? Tea and biscuits.

Most of my museum work involves working with or managing designers, here are some other examples:

  • Designer Manager, print and graphic design output / ZSL
  • Editor / Journal "Communicating Environmental Science" / ZSL
  • Co-author / Report "Mapping the Environmental Science Landscape" / IES / GEES
  • Children's book series / Initial concepts and commissioning / ZSL & Bloomsbury Books