All About Me

Written by Warpenweft
Hey, I'm Phil, a museum developer

I’m a museum exhibit and interpretation developer based in the UK (London), but working on projects all over the world. My background is in environmental science and communication, but over the course of my career I have worked on many heritage and commercial projects, and some of those not even in museums (shocking).

If I were to pin down what I’m really good at, it’s working on the blurred edges of design and content teams. I can load myself up on content in double quick time, and happily wax lyrical about it with designers (print and digital), encouraging creative solutions and experiences.

On the more belt and braces side of things, I have managed designers and interpretation teams, with all the challenges and wonderful experiences that goes with it. I’ve also project managed many projects, of various scales, from permanent and temporary exhibits, to art installation and print design.